16 days of activism ending

Ragia Omran speech at the Award Ceremony
December 12, 2017
Scientist Sworn in as Mauritius’ First Woman President
February 1, 2018

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The 16 Days of Activism Against Violence campaign focuses this year on Gender-Based violence in educational institutions, the legal and institutional change, as well as the policies that should be enacted in order to prevent violence. The campaign also focuses on how this issue is dealt with as human rights issue, in addition to the roles of various stakeholders in this regard.

New Woman Foundation believes that this issue is of utmost importance. Violence has been escalating in educational institutions, of all stages, for many years posing a grave threat to the educational process. Girls subject to violence are left with severe psychological damage as a result of the degrading situation they face; which can often be a contributing factor to denying girls their right to education. Therefore, this calls for a serious stand by all stakeholders. in this context, New Woman Foundation will shed the light on policies that should be implemented towards a violence-free education

Speak up against forcing girls to wear Hijab/head cover in schools.

Impeding measures should be taken against those who intimidate and berate girls into such practices breaking pedagogical rules.
Effective and specific policies against all forms of violence should be enacted in educational institutions
We need a serious stand towards violence-free education
Girls are not only denied their right to education, they are also often forced into getting married as a child and shouldering responsibilities of marriage, they are denied the joy of playing like any other child, or living their age
Girls are sometimes forced to work at such young age for insignificant wages without any protection whatsoever
It is about time this culture has changes, girls are not only meant for marriage. Girls are full-fledged human beings and citizens who are entitled to all their rights.