Working on

Women Empowerment

Target women empowerment and support women's ability to control their own destinies

Women's Issues

Put women's issues on the agenda of various political and social forces

Eliminate all forms of discrimination

Eliminate all forms of discrimination against women in the economic social, cultural and political aspects of all cultural, political or legislative systems

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Who We Are

The New Woman Foundation ( NWF) is an Egyptian feminist non- governmental organization.
It began its activities in 1984 as an informal study group, initially formed by a number of women who were activities on the issue of democracy and Social Justice.

NWF believes in women’s unconditional right to freedom equality and  social justice and consider women’s social, political, economic , citizenship and reproductive rights as an integral part of human rights. In this context ,NWF  believes that the struggle for women cannot be separated from the struggle of nations and people for freedom and liberation from oppression.