New Women organized a workshop, “Where are the women?” For the media about the gender and media in Al-Minya governorate,on 20 and 21November, 2014 after organized in Cairo and Ismailia.

There are various training topics around the frames of reference for dealing with violations of the gender perspective, as well as the reality of women in the transitional government and the Constitution, and the role of the media to play an important role in perpetuating social culture prevailing, and analysis of the media reality in dealing with women’s issues, and future planning to rework the media discourse.

As well as the training focused on the definition of Gender, and the current context of the reality of women in the media, and to identify gaps that suffer them, and discuss the diagnosis and the reality of women in important events and changes experienced by the country, especially the January 25 Revolution, as well as focus on the core themes of public and pillars of the reality . Have training Dr. Amal Abdel Hadi and Mrs.bahegah Hussein from New Woman Foundation. And will be used to communicate with the media trainees to activate the results of the workshop mechanisms, trainees have put proposals on the workshop, and how to develop later.

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