Statement .. New Woman Foundation celebrates “The Voices Of Freedom”

“Voices of Freedom .. New Woman Foundation’s slogan for the ceremony of the Egyptian Woman’s day 16 March
March 18, 2015
New Women Foundation Issued A report on Political Participation of Women in Power and Decision-making Positions.
March 22, 2015

In 1910 United Nations decided to make 8 March to be the International  Woman’s Day to celebrate women and their struggle as workers and participators in public and political life. The Egyptian Women’s Movement chosed 16 March as a day of Egyptian women, the day the first martyr of the revolution in 1919 fell, which is also the day Huda Shaarawi and her friends founded the Declaration Egyptian Feminist Union, since that time – more than a hundred year –the voice of Egyptian women rose in the world; to demand change at the political level, economic and social.

For now and tomorrow we will remain our voices is the all Egyptian’s women voices, we demand freedom, equality and justice for all men and women of the community, we call for democracy movement and the women to be aware of their rights to be in this movement. Today we celebrate the Egyptian Women’s Day 16 March, we celebrate all the women of Egypt and all the Egyptian woman who are struggling for a decent life for her and her family, and all the women who are participated in public and political life; in order to seek justice and change and equality among citizens, celebrate the names shined, whether in art or in creativity or in media or in the political struggle, we will not  forget the Egyptian toilers and simpletons women who work every day in the difficult life  circumstances, women who participated for their efforts in building this country, even if they have been exposed to violence, oppression and poverty, even if they excluded the law of protection, even if you ignore the statistics of recognition about the result of their labor in the gross national product, they are working hard and fighting for their forgotten rights .

We will not forget today to remember all the voices which rose for victory of truth , justice and equality, and we will honor today writer Radwa Ashour ,the presenter Lilian Daod, writer Mariam Naoum, militant unions and political Shaima Al sabbagh , the unionized Effat Abdel Razek and Abeer Ashour, we honor them as symbols of Egyptian woman’s success and struggle who is today heroine for every success ,every change and every right she struggled to have. We confirm  that  we are continuing to claim for making the Egyptian and Arab women struggling for having their rights and their presence in the Egyptian and Arab democracy movement.

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