The 16 Days of Activism Against Violence campaign

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November 19, 2017
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The 16 Days of Activism Against Violence campaign focuses this year on Gender-Based violence in educational institutions, the legal and institutional change, as well as the policies that should be enacted in order to prevent violence. The campaign also focuses on how this issue is dealt with as human rights issue, in addition to the roles of various stakeholders in this regard.

New Woman Foundation believes that this issue is of utmost importance. Violence has been escalating in educational institutions, of all stages, for many years posing a grave threat to the educational process. Girls subject to violence are left with severe psychological damage as a result of the degrading situation they face; which can often be a contributing factor to denying girls their right to education. Therefore, this calls for a serious stand by all stakeholders. in this context, New Woman Foundation will shed the light on policies that should be implemented towards a violence-free education



NWF proposes the following measures to be taken in educational institutions:

  • Establishing an observatory that is run by ministries of Education and Higher Education, that receives complaints of violence in educational institutions. In addition to conducting studies and researches on sexual harassment, among other forms of VAW/G practiced in schools in order to place proper protection policies
  • Assigning qualified security guards, that are trained to deal with various forms of violence including sexual violence, to schools and providing them with proper working conditions and suitable salaries to enable them to perform efficiently.
  • Modifying curriculums in all stages in accordance with values of human rights so as to reinforce values of citizenship, equity, justice, and non-discrimination
  • Delivering trainings and seminars to parents and guardians of the students, as well as the faculty, on modern pedagogical methods
  • Reviving artistic and sports school activities and hiring teachers (Physical Education, arts, music… etc) for the sole purpose of managing and conducting activities while providing them with the proper financial resources; thus, allowing students to participate in different activities such as arts, theater, sports performance… etc. Ministries of Youth and Culture may be partnered with for this purpose
  • Operationalizing Equal Opportunity units within educational institutions that works in a decentralized manner, for which needed circumstances should be provided in order to be able to carry out its role in combatting violence and discrimination, in their many forms, that female teachers and staff are subject to.
  • Providing safe transportation for teachers in missions that require long commutes
  • Qualifying social workers and training them for a better understanding of mental health, so as to become able to deal with violence cases and take the necessary step towards solving them, as well as dealing with sexual, physical, or verbal abusers
  • These recommendations require consolidation of the efforts of all the involved parties, as well as a serious social dialogue. For this reason, NWF launches this initiative, calling upon everyone to work together on developing it and propose it to stakeholders (Ministries of Education and Higher Education, teachers, students of both sexes, parents, pedagogues, academic experts, and NGOs)Get involved with us:
    • Share your ideas and suggestion to enhance these recommendations
    • Spread with word
    • Hold events on these recommendations