Joint statement: Feminist Solidarity with Palestine

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September 6, 2023
Statement of the 16days Campaign: Women and the Struggle Against Violence in Peace and War
November 26, 2023

We- who have signed hereunder- express our full solidarity with the free Palestinian people, and our belief that the Palestinian cause is a cause based on justice and equality between the individuals of the Palestinian people; women and men, and it is a feminist cause based on the right to existence, dignity and life. We also condemn the international supportive stance of the Israeli occupation; especially the stance of the United States of America and the European Union that disregarded Israeli violations against Palestinian women and men of all ages.

We are groups and individuals belonging to different and disparate feminist approaches that unite us in supporting women’s issues everywhere. We support the just Palestinian cause from a feminist, human rights and humanitarian perspective. We were terribly shocked by what we saw of the violations of all international rules of war and all the humanitarian violations that affected all the Palestinian people, whether in besieged Gaza, which suffers from continuous bombing, cutting off electricity, and cutting off all forms of relief for them, or either in the West Bank, those who suffer from arbitrary arrests and security restrictions by the Israeli occupation forces.

For over seventy-five years of occupation and colonization, the Palestinian people have suffered annihilation, identity-based killing, sexual violence, targeting of women and children, and the use of internationally banned weapons against them. Currently, during the recent war which shows clearly the moral violations against the Palestinian people, which the occupation has not hesitated to commit; even the oppression and suffering of the Palestinian people have been stolen and trafficked by the pro-occupation media, as such media uses images of Palestinian children as Israeli victims without the slightest apology for lying when the matter is revealed.

We also call on the international community to cooperate with the Egyptian authorities – as a neighboring country – to take all necessary measures to ensure the arrival of urgent relief aid and to agree on safe places inside Gaza to protect civilians from the continuing Israeli bombing.

We emphasize that it is absurd to be dragged into the racist and exclusionary discourse that reduces the struggle of the Palestinian people to a specific religious or ideological framework. We also affirm that our position is a position hostile to global military capitalist Zionism. We reject any accusations of terrorism and anti-Semitism to silence us from the demands of our just causes, and we demand the world order and Western countries. Non-alignment and double standards, applying international law to war crimes, apartheid and Israeli violations, and working to find a comprehensive solution to the Palestinian cause.

In concluding our demands, we emphasize that Palestine – all of Palestine – is a living example of what the world has come to as a result of colonialism, injustice, global patriarchal thought, and religious and ethnic bias.
We wish victory for the Palestinian people, healing for all injured Palestinians of all ages, orientations and religions, freedom for male and female prisoners in the occupation prisons, and mercy for all our martyrs in Palestine.



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