Employment Policies from a Gender Perspective Women and Employment in the Formal Sector A Policy Paper

The Diverse Roles and Aspirations of Middle Eastern Women
July 15, 2015
Women in the Workforce in the Arab World
July 26, 2015


Under the slogan “Living, freedom, social justice,human dignity,” a glorious revolution broke in Egypt to achieve equality and inclusion. Women participated as an influential and active actor in the political and social public sphere of this revolution. The female voice was strongly present in the political and social scene. In spite of the strong presence of women in the societal arena since January 25 and earlier in the course of the
Egyptian national movement , the Egyptian women has not received many rights , and suffered in many cases,
marginalization and exclusion , she did not enjoy the prestige that she deserves because of cultural and
societal condition which set up the stereotypical and traditional roles , and restricts women in an essential
and main task which is the reproductive role , and any other roles is exceptional and secondary including the productive role and the public work.
Some ones were concerned since the January 25 revolution that the political transformation which was
attended strongly by women, probably will not achieve positive results and give them some of their basic
rights; some others went even further by saying that the period after the revolution in Egypt has been declining
for women’s rights than what they had achieved in the past. The women in Egypt incurred a fierce attack when
the religious hardliners took power, and this was represented in a religious discourse which detracts from
the rights of women, as was the negligence of all political, social and economic issues which supports the
empowerment of the Egyptian women. A report issued by the National Association for Defending Rights and
Freedoms in 2012 , a status report of Egyptian women after the January 25 revolution, observes that Egyptian
women are subjected to further marginalization and abuse , was also undo the gains of many achievements
of women over the course of a long struggle in the political, legislative , social and Media.


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