“Justice and Equality in Pay” Campaign Holds Nationwide Interactive Seminars

My Testimony to the Events of January 25, 2013
February 9, 2013
Position Document of the Egyptian women’s organizations Alliance
December 1, 2013

While the global gap average in salaries between woman and man is 10 – 30%, the gender gap in salaries in Egypt is nearly up to 14%, aside from the non-application of the minimum and maximum limit on salaries, and the link of pay with production in the Constitution of 2012… All of these reasons were the motivation of syndicates – males and females – with the New Woman Foundation, to select the issue of salaries in General and the issue of equal pay in particular, to be the subject of a nationwide central joint campaign, titled as “Justice and Equality in Pay”.

In the framework of this campaign, the New Woman Foundation held series of interactive seminars in a number of governorates, which are: Cairo-Alexandria-Dakahlia-Ismailia- Assiut, as a large number of participants from syndicates of both gender, representatives of independent syndicates, political parties, and youth and art movements participated. where the Foundation presented its own proposal of the need to amend the structure of the National Council for pay and to increase its powers, allowing it to monitor and follow up the implementation of the mechanisms and measures to ensure the achievement of “Equal Opportunities” principle, and “Equal Pay”, as well as, restructuring the Council to allow formal participation of independent syndicates in General and female syndicates in particular. The participants of the seminars emphasized on the need to assess the domestic work of women to be appreciated in the public income, and the adoption of the principle “Equal pay” for equal work as stated in the conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO). Moreover, they demand the need to reform the pay system in general, in parallel to reforming the price system in Egypt, consequently, linking the pay with the price on the new draft Constitution, so that we can access social justice which was one of the most important demands of the Egyptian revolution, which launched by the struggle of the male and female workers.

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