New Woman Foundation congratulates Faraj Allah company’s workers union success on providing nursery

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October 20, 2014
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October 30, 2014

After the launching of “obliging the governmental and private business owners to provide nurseries” campaign we reap the first fruits of the campaign. The ​​head of the women Committee on Farjallah company’s workers union request the President of the union creates a nursery for the children of workers, which have about 390 persons working for. Based upon the union administration to bring the matter to the Chairman of the Board and has already been circulating the issuance of an administrative contract with the nearest nursery company located about 200 meters and about all the specifications that provide a good environment for the child.

The nursery also offers various activities for children and health surveillance and it has been agreed to provide a bus for bringing mothers and their children from the nursery to the company.

The company is supporting the expenses without any financial or moral burden to workers, which is a great achievement.

The New Woman Foundation supports this move and hopes in the interaction of many governmental and private companies with the campaign and providing nurseries for workers in the framework of an emphasis on the care of children is a community responsibility.