Position Document of the Egyptian women’s organizations Alliance

“Justice and Equality in Pay” Campaign Holds Nationwide Interactive Seminars
December 1, 2013
New Woman publishes its second book about the Constitution
December 25, 2013

on the Issue of the Egyptian Constitution July 28th, 2013

Starting with the conviction alliance of women’s organization that the Egyptian people made a great revolution, millions of females and males Egyptians raised their demands for freedom, justice, and dignity. We see that the new Egyptian Constitution, as the supreme legal document, should include the demands of the revolution and all the various segments of the Egyptian society, headed by our rights to justice, equality, non-discrimination, and equal opportunities. Thus, the alliance organizations keen on providing its vision of the writing path of Egypt Revolution Constitution, by introducing related standards and mechanism to the committee of writing the Constitution, and women’s participation in it. As well as, formulating women’s demands in Egypt’s new constitution, based on a study of the Egyptians constitutions, people’s opinion, and drafting a document ” Women in Constitution ” which we turned a feminist discussion around it and then we presented it to members of the constituent assembly to write the Constitution without having any resonance in the constitution of year 2012. Since, the presidential announcement of revising the 2012 constitution in response to the Egyptian people’s demands, which came out on 30th of June, demanding dropping the Brotherhood system, including their defective constitution. We turned to the Constitution Committee, formed by legal and constitutional experts, our vision and demands in Egypt Revolution Constitution.

Document the Position of the Egyptian women

General principles