Training on the international mechanisms and CEDAW

Feminism is a choice
May 25, 2016
Report about sexual harassment at workplace
June 14, 2016


In cooperation with the Egyptian CEDAW coalition and the Family Planning Association in Suez, NWF organized a training workshop that was attended by thirty participants (both males and females) either working in Civil Society organizations or among human rights activists.  The workshop lasted for three days (May 24-26 2016) and included a general introduction about international conventions, their inceptionand the history of their development.  Being action-oriented, the workshop highlighted the relationship between the provisions of these conventions and the reality of women’s status and conditions in Egypt.  Information was provided about the way to access the material related to these conventions, the functioning of international mechanisms, mainly the CEDAW Follow-up Committee, as well as the process of preparation, submission and discussion of both governmental and shadow reports.