TV host Liliane Daoud deported to Lebanon

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June 22, 2016
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June 29, 2016

After hours of announcing that she ended her contract with ONTV on Tuesday, Lebanese-British TV Liliane Daoud host was arrested from her house in front of her little girl to be deported from Egypt.
Liliane was deported from Egypt later to Beirut where now she is staying with her family.

Earlier Monday , the famous TV host announced that she terminated her contract with ONTV.
Then later afternoon and according to her lawyer Zyad El-elaimy , 8 men claiming to be from the ministry of interior’s Passports department  raided her house arresting her.
They did not let her contact anyone.
They forced her to leave with them in order to be deported.
Daoud had to leave her girl at her house where she was taken somewhere
It was unclear where or why she is detained for hours.