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March 18, 2018
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March 21, 2018

Statement of Egyptian organizations, parties and individuals regarding the assault against the Egyptian female citizen “Mariam Abd El Salam”.


The undersigned Egyptian organizations, parties and individuals express their sorrow and shock towards the terrible news of the death of the eighteen-years-old Egyptian female citizen “Mariam Abd El Salam” as a result of an attack that is likely to be racist. The citizen has lived in Nottingham City. Mariam Abd El Salam died on Wednesday 14th March 2018due to her injuries resulted by the brutal assault against her in Nottingham City by the end of last February. The female citizen was beaten by 10 British girls and dragged her about 20 m in the ground in front of pedestrians in the most crowded streets in the city. Finally she could escape with the help of someone. Then she hid in a van, yet the girls followed her and beat her again until she lost consciousness. The driver called the ambulance which carried her to the hospital.


As narrated by her mother, Mariam undergone 8 surgeries since she has arrived the hospital on 3rd March 2018. She added that the ninth surgery was delayed because of her poor health condition. Finally she died as a result of bleeding in brain and lungs because of mal-medical diagnosis.


According to different media means, the police arrested one of those ten female British girls, yet she did not confess during the investigation. In addition, according to the law, the police cannot prison the girl for more than 24 hours because she is less than 19 years old. So the police released her to be under house arrest.


It is not the first incident as Mariam and her sister Malak (15 years old) and her brother Adam (12 years old) were attacked before, as Mariam was assaulted 4 years ago by two of those ten girls with her sister. They reported the incident but nothing had happened. On the other hand, her brother Adam was assaulted many times in school.


At the same time the spokeswoman of the British Embassy in Cairo assured that they are concerned with uncovering the circumstances of this “disgusting” crime which cannot be passed with punishment.

So the signatories see that if the allegations – in regard to the previous stories before the incident – are true, so we have a hatred crime accompanied by aggressive and hostile actions as a result of racial discrimination or to leave an effect with the aim of race of religion-based discrimination and other forms of discrimination.


The undersigned offer their condolences to Mariam’s family in particular and to the Egyptian society in general and call for an Egyptian British investigation in a way which supports the efforts of both Egypt and Britain fruitfully in combating terrorism, extremism, hatred and racism; in addition to take the necessary procedures against racial discrimination, support the victims medically, morally and psychologically, help them in the field of legal consultations and rehabilitate them to reintegrate them in society.




Firstly: the organizations

  1. Cairo Association for Development and Law.
  2. CEWLA
  3. New Woman Foundation.
  4. Salama Foundation for Women Development.
  5. Bent Al Ard Association in Al Mansoura.
  6. Omi Association for Rights and Development.
  7. Woman Center for Legal Guiding and Awareness.
  8. CEDAW Foundation for Democracy.
  9. The Legal Association for Family Aid and Human Rights.

Secondly: Parties

  1. Al Dostour Party.
  2. Aish and Horaya Party (under process)

Thirdly: Individuals

  1. Intsar Al Saeed – human rights lawyer and feminist
  2. Ahmed Abd El Khaliq.
  3. Safaa Ali Hassan – lawyer.
  4. Abd El Nasser Kandeel – media spokesman of Al Tagamoa party.
  5. Ahmed Foqi – the head of Egypt Peace Association for Development and Human Rights.
  6. Mohamed Khattab – academic professor.
  7. TarekKhater – lawyer
  8. Afaf El Sayed – writer
  9. Rima Khuffash – physician
  10. Rabab Kamal – announcer
  11. BahegaHussien – journalist
  12. Nada Abd Allah – human rights and feminist researcher
  13. Mohamed MounirMegahed – engineer
  14. Kamal Jolly
  15. Magda SolimanHashem – agricultural engineer
  16. Fatam El Sherif – Hepta feminist Initiative
  17. AminaAgami
  18. Abeer Ali Mohamed – lawyer
  19. Hassan Abd Allah Al Nakhlawi – Al Tagamoa Party, North Sinai
  20. EnasHamam – the executive manager of the Arab Firm for Law.
  21. ShabanShalaby – the chairperson of Rural Renaissance Assocaition
  22. Nader Anani – engineer
  23. Waheed Al Disoqi – developmental trainer
  24. IntsarBadr
  25. NashwaNashaat –researcher and human rights activist
  26. SherifAzer – human rights activist
  27. AmiraAbd Al Hakim – lawyer
  28. SherifHelali – the manager of the Arab Foundation for Supporting Civil Society and Human Rights
  29. HossamHadad – lawyer
  30. Hany Ibrahim – Al Mahrousa Center
  31. Mohamed Abd Al Aziz – lawyer
  32. MagdiAbd Al Fattah – the manager of the Arab House Center for Researches and Studies
  33. Dr. GehadOuda
  34. Mohamed Abd El Fattah – theater director
  35. Mohamed TahaElawa – lawyer
  36. TarekNegeda – lawyer
  37. Mortaga Gad Allah
  38. Nadia Al Mahdi – on pension
  39. FatmaBadar – news editor in women issues field
  40. ManalBadr
  41. Nefessa Al Sabagh – journalist
  42. Mona Ezzat – journalist
  43. Khadega Al Taher – lawyer
  44. Mai El Shamy – journalist
  45. Yasser Abd El Gawad – lawyer
  46. Abd El HafeezTayel – human rights activist
  47. MagdiAbd El Hafez – accountant
  48. Taghreed Al Desoqi – media person
  49. Mai Khaled
  50. Haitham Al Hariri – parliamentarians
  51. Michael Raof
  52. Ahmed Sameeh – Al Andalos Center
  53. Enas Kamal – journalist
  54. Nemaa El Tokhi – lawyer
  55. Ahmed Shabeb – The Arab Center for Human Rights
  56. Osama Tayaa’ – chairperson of Haqi Association
  57. HebaShora – journalist
  58. SomayaAdly – chemist
  59. AzzaShalabi – gender consultant
  60. EqramYousef – journalist
  61. Haitham Osman – lawyer
  62. Mona Fattah El Bab – psychologist
  63. MagdyAbd El Hafez – accountant
  64. Dr. Walaa Gad Al Karim – chairperson of Partners for Transparency Association
  65. NashwaZeen – lawyer
  66. Martha Adly – political researcher
  67. HelmySharawi – researcher
  68. Khaled El Balshi – journalist
  69. WafaaAshri – accountant
  70. Dr. HodaBadran – The Egyptian Feminist Union
  71. HadyaAbd Fattah – writer
  72. NagwanDapea – Al Asal Set Initiative
  73. Ashraf Al Wardani – journalist
  74. Enas Ibrahim Kamel – lawyer
  75. Abeer Ali Houzain – director
  76. Mervat Abo Teeg – lawyer
  77. SalwaFaroq
  78. Hanan Mahmoud Mostafa – freelance
  79. Mona Ali Mostafa – SOS
  80. SobhyHussien – human rights activist
  81. Rania RafeatShaheen – freelance lawyer
  82. KhaledDawoud – the head of Al Dostour party
  83. Gamela Ismail – politician and media person
  84. Sabah Hosni El Khufash
  85. Mona Zo El Foqar – lawyer and chairperson of Woman Association for Health Improvement in Cairo
  86. Noha El Sawai – lawyer
  87. Sahar Ibrahim – member of general conference – Al Dostour party
  88. Salma El Sawai
  89. Abd El HamedAmer
  90. Sally Zoheny
  91. Ahmed Eid
  92. Wael Ghaly – All Egyptian Human Rights Organization
  93. Ahmed Hegab
  94. Amal Goda- Lawyer
  95. Rasha Hegazy
  96. Adib Mina
  97. Amira ELqady
  98. Alaa Azzam Director andScriptwriter
  99. Fatima Sobhy Abdel Rahim