May 21, 2022

Second Joint Statement on Personal Status Law 

The Statement is open for signature submission. Second Joint Statement on Personal Status Law  A Welcome to the document of the National Council for Women on […]
May 11, 2022

First Joint statement on Personal Status Law

Joint statement Personal Status Law Urgent need for comprehensive and integrated approach, not a minor procedural interventions; We welcome the decision of the attorney-general/ public prosecutor […]
March 17, 2022

Celebration of Egyptian Women’s Day and closing event of ” Against Early Marriage” project through art in the Egyptian villages

As part of the celebrations of Egyptian Women’s Day, which falls on Wednesday, March 16. The New Woman Foundation celebrated the conclusion of the project against […]
March 14, 2022

Draft unified law for combating violence against women in the Egyptian Parliament 2022

  It comes in line with national strategies: the National Strategy for Combating Violence against Women, the National Strategy for the Empowerment of Women 2030 and […]
March 8, 2022

Press conference on a draft law for combating violence against women within parliament

During the press conference held on Tuesday, March 8, in conjunction with International Women’s Day, the labor force of feminist organizations announced the most significant provisions […]
March 6, 2022

Press conference of the labour force of feminist organizations for a unified law to combat violence

A number of feminist organizations formed a labour force in 2018 within the context of promoting the legislative protection of women and combating violence against women. […]
February 18, 2022

Only one day for paternity leave! Good for nothing. We are willing to engage in hearings on the law.

Last Saturday, the Egyptian Senate decided to grant a worker paternity leave of only one day in the event of having a new child after showing […]
January 30, 2022

​​​​Gender and the new labor code, A traditional vision and dedication to stereotypical roles.

Mai Saleh, New Woman Foundation. Eight years have passed since the beginning of the discussion and amendments to the Consolidated Labor Laws. After the January revolution, […]
January 29, 2022

New gains for women after years of struggle

Two days ago, the Council of State announced the opening of the appointments for qualified college graduates of both sexes for the deputy assistant position. This […]
December 15, 2021

Recommendation Booklet (1): Protection Policy Against VAW “Protection From the Beginning” Campaign

The New Woman Foundation Recommendation Booklet (1) Protection Policy Against VAW “Protection From the Beginning” Campaign prepared by: Nevine Ebeid, Lamyaa Loutfy, Mai Saleh 2021   […]
December 10, 2021

On the International Human Rights Day “Protection from the Beginning” Launches Its Closing Statement

Roadmap Towards a Uniform Legislation, and VAW Services with Effective and Sustainable Access On the International Human Rights Day, The New Woman Foundation concludes its campaign […]
December 7, 2021

Regional Webinar on Protection from Violence in the Workplace – 16days of activism

A Regional Arab Movement for Disseminating and Operationalizing Convention 190C The New Women Foundation has organized a regional webinar on protection from violence in the workplace: […]