New Woman rejects the exclusion of women from the new governors movement

A critical review released by New Women Foundation about women’s rights in the labor law
August 24, 2014
Where are Women in Upcoming Electoral Coalitions?… Failure to Recognize Women’s Demands with Respect to their Position on the Political Map
August 31, 2014

New Woman Foundation declares its rejection of what press reported during the past few days about the statements of the Minister of Local Development for the non-appointment of women in the new governors movement because of the new view of the conditions which prevailed in the country that compensate for that of recruitment deputies and aid for the governors by a woman in exchange for the two men until they develop their skills!!

Also New Woman Foundation confirms that minister has completely ignored the remark provisions of the constitution, which came in this context, including Article 9, which states that “The state is committed to achieving equal opportunities for all citizens, without discrimination,” and Article 11, which states that “The State shall guarantee women the right to take public functions and functions of senior management in the state and in the recruitment agencies and judicial bodies without discrimination against them”. Finally, Article 93, which stipulates that “the State is committed to the agreements and covenants and conventions of international human rights ratified by Egypt and become the force of law,” It is the most important Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), ratified by Egypt in 1981, which stipulates in its Article 7 that “States Parties shall take all appropriate measures to eliminate discrimination against women in political and public life of the country and, in particular, shall ensure to women, on equal terms with men, the right: to participate in the formulation of government policy and the implementation of this policy, and to hold public office at all levels of government”

It is controversial that in a time when thousands of women to run for the next local council elections – to complement the role of struggle in political work at the public  level – the minister surprised us by making this statement , which is trying through the imposition of guardianship over women and to identify the occupations they work under the pretext that they are not qualified !!.

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