“New Woman” releases a report about sexual harassment at the workplace

“New Woman foundation” celebrates Egyptian Women’s Day
March 29, 2016
Statement issued by the Coalition of Egyptian Feminist Organizations in solidarity with “Nazra” for Feminist Studies
April 10, 2016

New Woman Foundation has issued a report about sexual harassment at the workplace. this report is the second issue for “Observatory of the Economic and Social Rights of Women at Work”.

The study includes 58 respondents women from different governorates and various age categories and occupations.

The report is based on the descriptive methodology that was considered as the most suitable one for this kind of reports that are seeking to identify the reasons behind these violations, the reactions of women exposed to sexual harassment at the workplace as well as the attitude of various stakeholders towards the phenomenon, such as trade unions, employers and the concerned State institutions.

The process of monitoring relied on several tools including Media watch of several daily newspapers and In-depth interviews on the base of a questionnaire that included qualitative questions about the types of sexual violence that happen at the workplace, the reactions of women towards these violations, the settings where these violations occur, the reasons perceived for this type of conduct, the reactions of male and female colleagues, the means used by women to defend themselves, the people who might be of help and the role of concerned State institutions.

To read the full report press here 

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