New Woman Foundation discuss the women rights in work between the law and the constitution.

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August 11, 2014
A critical review released by New Women Foundation about women’s rights in the labor law
August 24, 2014

New Woman organized a workshop under the name of “women’s rights in the work between the law and the Constitution” in the Carlton Hotel, downtown, which lasted throughout the day Thursday and Friday, 7 and August 8 in the context of interactive activities for the New Woman Foundation with women leaders of the Egyptian working from all unions independent in the presence of leaders unions and trade unionists from various provinces.


The first day included an opening speech for each Ms. Mona Ezzat the women and work  program’s director and Ms. Noha Al Morshed form the Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions. The session began with Mr. Mohammed Abdeen a union spokesman and a member in “For a free labor law” and introduced labor law problems and develop proposals to improve it with a participation from the audience, and shared him Ms. Suhair Hamdi A member of the Executive Board of the Union of Egyptian Workers Democratic and the second session was with Ms. Mona Ezzat on women’s rights at work.


The second day’s first subject was the mechanisms of equal opportunities and this session was administrated by Ms. Nevine Ebeid. Also Ebeid pointed to several issues of equal opportunity in the Egyptian ministries above all the discrimination in employment and a comparison between developed in Egypt and abroad. The second session was for Dr. Bassma Rashwan ,she talked about her experience and the discrimination she suffered from during her career as a woman and her attempts to overcome the barrier of discrimination. The closing session was administrated by Ms. Marwa Abd Elhamed the women and work program’s coordinator who discuss with the presents the future plan.

It should be noted that all the speakers and attendees from women leaders from various independent unions and trade unionists from various provinces have agreed on the need for coordination between all the unions in the provinces and unify the goals and demands and constant communication to replace the expertise and access to the solutions achieved on reality.

“Women and work project” aims to promote the conditions of Egyptian women workers in the most important work in line with the slogans adopted by the revolution, in the sense of social justice and human dignity. And through the adoption of basic strategies, namely: providing tools that enable women to organize themselves and to influence policy and also to influence public opinion.

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