With the Launch of Discussions on the State BudgetLOGO-NWRC2 The undersigned organizations call on the interim government to immediately publish the proposed bill for the state’s general budget for fiscal year 2014/2015, following the finance ministry’s failure to fulfill its legal obligations, after April 1st of this year had gone by without publishing the draft.
April 15, 2014
New Woman Foundation discuss the women rights in work between the law and the constitution.
August 24, 2014

No compromise on Women’s right

The New Woman Foundation ( NWF) is an Egyptian feminist non- govermmental organization .

It began is activities  in 1984 as informal study group, initially formed by a number of women who were activities on issue of democracy and social Justice.

The organization has since evolved to embrace numerous activities as well as different generations. It has also taken on different legal forms and was recently registered with the ministry of social affairs in 2004 as a foundation in accordance with law 84/2002.

NWF believes in women’s unconditional right to freedom equality and  social justice and consider women’s social m, political ,economic , citizenship and reproductive rights as an integral part of human rights .in this context ,NWF  believes  that the struggle for woman cannot be separated from the struggle   of nations and people for freedom and liberation from oppression.


Our Objectives


  • Play an active role in impacting policies and legislation which have a negative affect on women.
  • Contribute to changing the predominant patriarchal culture which prevails in society .
  • Empower and support marginalized women, who suffer most from the impact of the different policies and prevalent conservative discourse in order to express themselves and become positive actors in changing their conditions .
  • Help develop an organized women’s social, economic, political and cultural rights .
  • Promote the establishment of democratic practice in society and the enhancement of a civil society , based on the full participation of marginalized and deprived sectors.
  • Contribute to the feminist discourse nationally , regionally and globally , from the perspective of the impact of the present conditions on women’s lives .
  • Activate mechanisms of solidarity among global efforts aiming to empower women in practicing their, as means for achieving social justice in societies that refuse all forms and oppression and domination.

Our Activities

  • Conducting research and studies .
  • Monitoring violations of women’s rights and launching campaigns .
  • Organizing seminars and workshops as an independent organization as well as in cooperation with other rights- based and community based organizations .
  • Developing a specialized library unit .
  • Providing training to community based organizations .
  • Promoting the involvement of new generations .
  • Participating in national, regional and international campaigns on human rights issues in general and women’s rights in particular .


Contact us 

New Woman Foundation

14 Abdel moniem  Sanad  ST off  Ahmed Oraby st – Mohandseen –Cairo – Giza- Egypt

Tel : 3464901/3460898

Email: nwrc@nwrcegypt.org

Registration NO:2014/2004