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ديسمبر 27, 2009
1ليلى .. وما حولها.. ج
ديسمبر 27, 2009

Yassmin El-Nazer

A strange email I got and knew it might be a virus or something, yet, it made me think: Are there people that desperate or cannot find what they are looking for that they start calling for it? And I realized that I would want my man to be just like what that e-mail sender is asking for but who cares?

The part of the message about the man she wishes for said:

“I’d like to meet a man who will be a real man, someone who is stable and appreciates when a woman loves him, one who can handle situations with love, I need a man that will be a friend and lover to me, someone who knows how to treat a woman!”

Looks cheap and pathetic I know but doesn’t it deserve a moment to think about?

A friend once told me that I’ll never marry simply because I THINK! Men do not want smart ladies, they want followers. Reading a magazine, I found an interview with an American-Japanese architect with this quote:” Smart women are hard to control”!!!!

I was also told: big brain=less feminine. As if women are supposed to be bodies with no minds! You think then you are not girly enough! The most ironic quote I heard: Thinkers are extra free and wild, they break their societies’ rules, I want to marry a woman who thinks yet not too much not to argue and most thinkers haven’t manners?

So you are either less feminine or you’ve no manners if you dare think

I think I’ve to add to what I want in my man this trait ” Someone who would respect my thoughts, someone who would accept a thinker female not just wishing to marry a goat who would clean, cook and fulfill his desires!!!!!!!

We are always told to take the one whom we can see ourselves getting old with and that the elder we get, the more important becomes the conversation. You, men, would need someone with brains to talk to when beauty fades and shapes change! As only beauty of souls and minds would stay.

I also wish to have a man who would understand that I’m willing to stand by him with all I have and that I’ll be taking him for bad before good and for illness before health! That’s what a good wife would do for her man. But I will not accept a man who expects help from my family or asks for it or would start counting how much my salary would be if we emigrated! I’m not willing to be a cow, I’m willing to sacrifice my life for my man but without him asking for it. I want a man who’d say he’s willing to fight armies, pick a star or break mountains just for me and I would not care for any more even if we starved together. That would be my dream man. A man who would take me as I am and he’ll be surprised of what that will give him. This is every woman’s wish; I believe! Here are some lines of poetry that I wrote about this matter”:

There is a man out there

That am sure he is some where

Someone that am waiting for

To come with a rose

And propose at my door

Someone who would take me as I am

Knowing for him I will do the same

A real man who would fight the world for me

And for him my heart and soul forever shall be